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RevelWear—Our History, Our Mission, Our Pocket Story:


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What is a PUMP POCKET? This patented design was created so people who are insulin dependent would have a clever place to put their insulin pump. There is an outlet to allow the pump’s tubing to safely be fed through the back and connect to the infusion site. Your pump remains safe, secure and concealed while preventing your tubing from getting caught or tangled. All of this in discreet layering undergarments!

Who invented the PumpPocket? Four moms saw a need and wanted the honor of filling it. Now they are on a mission to

Make Life with Diabetes Easier.


While insulin pump therapy provides greater diabetes control, it also causes complications and questions: Where do I put this thing? Can I wear my regular clothes? What if I drop it? What If I pull out my site too early? Can I run, jump and play? What about nighttime?


This is the answer.

RevelWear was born of creativity and a desire to change the world-- and while those broad ideals still provide the foundation of WHY we persist, they have changed into a deep commitment to changing the landscape of diabetes management and care globally. We set out to create a pocket that would house any device safely and conveniently. What we actually did was fall in love with a community who needs to be seen and supported while they manage a relentless and unpredictable disease. Our pocket does what we set out to do-- it will contain a life-saving insulin pump and prevent it from harm while also providing easy access, but it does more than that. It offers freedom. 


We are committed to that freedom being available to every insulin dependent diabetic across the world. 


RevelWear started online and continues to grow across the globe by bringing comfort and alleviating worry one satisfied customer at a time. Join the movement and use our #POCKETSWITHPURPOSE.