Teen Pump Pockets

Type one diabetes can be a total nightmare for teenagers. Some days we need to stand out. Some days we need to hide. Some days we need to fit in. What does your teenager with Type 1 Diabetes need today? You can find so many answers here at Pocket Innerwear. Our insulin pump pockets are made to allow for FREEDOM in your daily diabetes management. Type one in teenagers doesn't have to mean choices are limited. Type 1 can mean options and even options that are fun and cool for kids with diabetes. If your teen wants his insulin pump to be hidden, hide it away in our diabetes clothing. Our clothes with insulin pump pockets are made to layer under anything you want to wear. Wearing a dress or leggings with T1D PumpPockets makes life easier. If they want to show off their diabetes insulin pump, by all means wear the cute and comfy tanks alone and workout in our briefs with pockets for insulin pumps.

We know things get tricky when you are fumbling over your tubing and trying to find the best way to carry your pump. The stretchy pump pocket has an opening in the back to slip your tubing through to your site while your insulin pump sits in the pocket. The lip over the pocket will hold your pump securely and allow you easy access. It's not a cure for diabetes, but it helps. It helps teens with type 1 deal with life and have choices. What else do you need? We want to help.