Warrior Story by Rebecca Kelly

Warrior Story by Rebecca Kelly

The following is a warrior story from a friend of mine.  He had a rough go of it, but has found what works for him and is now thriving!  Sometimes it takes going through a storm and coming out on the other side to enable us to get better, get stronger, and reach out to help others.  We hope this story inspires you.  

***We are not promoting any certain type of diet…this is Joshua’s story and has been successful for him.  Please consult your Doctor when considering any changes to your current regimen.   

After needing my life revived not once, but twice – thanks to severely low blood sugar levels due to life-threatening diabetes – I knew I was on borrowed time.  Suffering from morbid obesity as well as a host of other ailments that were leading me into severe depression and physical agony, it was a powerful encounter that changed everything for me.  Josh LaJaunie has been a long time friend of mine who had lost 230 pounds.  He is a long distance runner and his personal transformation inspired me.  

Up until then I had been living a reckless life, turning a blind eye to the over abundance of fried junk foods I would regularly consume.  My mother had recently died of a heart attack and mourning her loss added to my depression.  I was feeling sicker by the minute and the little voice inside me kept urging me to get up and get well.  I did not like the road I was on.  I reached out to my friend, Josh LaJaunie.  His friendship turned into a pivotal role in helping me transform the bad path I was on.  I allowed him to mentor me – in exercise, in nutrition, in health.  He slowly started whittling out animal products and junk foods:  red meat, then cheese, then diet sodas.  I started to notice that whenever I consumed even a small amount of animal products, my blood sugar would be sky-high the next morning.  So, one day I cut them out completely – “cold turkey”… pun intended. 😊  Just 2 days after making that decision, my blood sugar levels were back to normal and have remained there.  I have since lost a staggering 100 pounds.  My friend knew first-hand that person to person advocacy can change the course of one’s life, and perhaps it is what saved mine.  Ever since I found my antidote to the painful symptoms associated with Type 1 diabetes and reclaimed my life, I try to inspire others living with Type 1 and Type 2 to do the same.  Surprising even myself, I have now pivoted my life to revolve around running instead of fast food.  I have taken to the pavement, to the trails, and I am not slowing down anytime soon.  I have accomplished many things since getting my life back and I want to help others by showing them anything is possible, do not let diabetes get in your way.  I am proud to say I have completed numerous half marathons and full marathons with finish line times that even shock me!  Life gives us bumps in the road, it is up to us to figure out how to get over them.  Much love.  

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